7 Head-Turning French Curl Braid Hairstyles to Elevate Your Look in 2024 (2024)

Step into the world of French curl braids, where elegance meets trendiness in the most enchanting way. In 2024, these braids have captured hearts and headlines, becoming the ultimate statement hairstyle!

Mainly characterized by its clean parts, slim braided strands, and voluminous curled ends, this trendy hairstyle is a classy twist on the much loved knotless braids, combining traditional braids with romantic curls to create a breathtakingly enchanting hairstyle.

Over the past year, French curl braids have taken the internet by storm with tons of videos surfacing across TikTok, Instagram and YouTube.But beyond the initial braid magic, styling these beauties opens up a world of versatile possibilities. So, get ready to unleash your inner stylist!Here are 7 dazzling options to rock your French curl braids:

1. Classic Bun with a Claw Clip

The bun has always been a timeless and classy hairstyle, but a braided bun is a whole other level of chic!

  • Start by taking a sectioning out some part of your hair at the front.
  • Gather the rest of your braids loosely at the crown and wrap it up in a neat bun.
  • Next, take the previously sectioned out braids and wrap them to the back of your head, using them as a headband.
  • Secure it with a hair tie and use a claw clip to attach it to the bun.

You can leave out two strands on each side of the front-center of your hair to frame your face for a little whimsy touch.

2. Cute Messy Bun with Bangs

Messy buns give off a chic yet effortless look letting you pass the laid-back vibe check while still looking hot as ever.

  • Gather your braids loosely towards the back of your head while leaving out a section at center front part. These will act as your face-framing bangs.
  • Next, loosely twist and wrap the braids into a bun, letting some curls lay out to give a lovely playful vibe.

3. Curly Half-Up with Side Bangs

Channel your inner fairytale princess with this romantic style.

  • Start by sectioning out little side bangs at the front. Go on to style it to the left or right of your face.
  • Next, divide the rest of your hair into two parts being top and bottom.
  • Take the top part and tie it up leaving only the curly part to flow down.
  • Let the bottom part cascade down your back creating a captivating contrast with the already existing side fringe.

4. Curly Half Up with a Side Swoop

This is a slight variation from our previous style. For this one, you want to rinse and repeat the same process, but take the side fringe you created and swoop it up to meet the section you’ve tied at the top.

This variant is perfect for drawing a little extra attention to the face while also showcasing your beautiful updo.

5. Classy Leave Out with Braided Headband

For this look, you’re going to be using a section of your hair as a hairband.Leave out a section of hair at the front and use it to create a braided headband.

  • From the middle, wrap the hair around the both sides of your head, taking it all the way to the back and securing with a hair tie.
  • Once you’re done, let the rest of your hair down to cover the tied part. Classy hairstyle done and ready!

6. Cute Headband Moment

Headbands have always been in style, be it the jersey bands, regular ones, or just taking a piece of clothing to tie around the head. People around the world have always embraced the sporty-chic trend with a headband.

Start by leaving out your braids to flow down beautifully then take a jersey headband (or a regular one) and use it to push your braids back, creating a carefree and stylish look.

This style is perfect for keeping your hair out of your face on active days.

7. Half Up Half Down with a Claw Clip

This versatile style combines the best of both worlds, showcasing the textured braids and bouncy curls that French curl braids embody.

  • Take two strands at the front center part of the head and leave them down to frame the face.
  • Next, divide the hair into the top and bottom parts.
  • Secure the upper half of the braids with a hair tie and then claw clip, letting the remaining braids flow down your back for a chic and effortless look.

So, whether you opt for a classic bun, a cute messy updo, or a playful half-up style, let your French curl braids be a canvas for your creativity.

Remember, these are just suggestions. Don’t be afraid to experiment, mix and match different techniques to create your own unique style for your French curl braid masterpiece. Embrace the magic of these versatile braids, and let your unique style shine!

7 Head-Turning French Curl Braid Hairstyles to Elevate Your Look in 2024 (2024)


What are the latest hairstyles for ladies in 2024? ›

In 2024, the hottest hairstyles for ladies include natural hair textures, such as twist-outs and braid-outs, short hairstyles like pixie cuts and bobs, elegant updos for special occasions, and protective styles like faux locs and crochet braids.

What hair for French curl braids? ›

To achieve this style, you need first to choose the right braiding hair. "French curl braids can be achieved with French curl synthetic hair or by using jumbo-sized rods on the ends of synthetic braiding hair and dipping the curls in hot water to achieve a similar texture to the curls," Stevens says.

What is the biggest hair trend in 2024? ›

Luxurious Volume

Luxury and elegance are poised to be trending across the board in 2024, says Verrett. When it comes to haircuts, the stylist predicts more structured cuts with an emphasis on volume — without going over-the-top with texture.

What is the hair style for 2024? ›

Fall 2024 will usher in more stylized hair, like slicked-back buns and heavily texturized bobs, according to the season's runways in New York and London. We rounded up the most exciting hair trends to take note of now, so you're ready to go once September is here.

Which braids make you look younger? ›

Try a partial braid (like Blake Lively) that frames a side of the face or a loose side-swept braid that diffuses unnecessary attention to your aging features. A braided ponytail wrapped up into a messy bun like that of Jessica Alba is another way to take some years off your look.

What is the number 1 hairstyle? ›

What Are the Numbers in Haircuts? If you ask your barber for a number one cut, you are asking them to cut your hair so it is an eighth of an inch long. If you ask for a number eight cut, the hair left on your head will be one inch.

What braid is trending now? ›

The Latest Braid Trends to Try in 2023

1. Box Braids: There's a reason box braids have stood the test of time. They're versatile, and chic and can be customised in various lengths and thicknesses, which is why we're seeing a resurgence of this timeless look this year.

Do French or Dutch braids make your hair curlier? ›

Since they're tighter than French braids, Dutch braids tend to create huge voluminous waves that give your hair a lot more volume.

Do you need special hair for French curl braids? ›

"You'll need a few packs of french curl braiding hair ($15) in the color of your choice — opt for at least four to be on the safe side," Cogdell says. Anytime you're going for a braided style it's imperative to start off with clean, blow-dried hair, this will be the foundation for a clean, long-lasting style.

Do French curl braids last long? ›

They're also a lot lighter so there's less tension on your scalp. French curl braids work on most hair textures and provide endless styling possibilities. They can also last up to eight weeks if installed correctly and provided you take care of those sleek curls.

What are braids with curls coming out called? ›

Goddess braids (a.k.a. boho braids) are box braids with curly strands added to hair's mids or ends, resulting in an undone, bohemian style.

How long do French curl braids take? ›

The style can take anywhere from four to seven hours to complete. The session will start with the stylist parting and braiding your hair, feeding in pieces of braiding hair until you reach your desired length.

Is it better to twist or braid curly hair? ›

A braid-out gives you more definition if you have a looser curl pattern, whereas a twist-out might not hold as well. If you have a tighter curl pattern, a twist-out might give you a more noticeable change in curl pattern than a braid-out.

What is the haircut for summer 2024? ›

Here are the eight biggest and most popular hair trends for spring/summer 2024.
  • The Italian bob. As seen on: Penelope Cruz, Hailey Bieber and Rita Ora. ...
  • Curtain fringe. As seen on: Maren Morris and Ayo Edebiri. ...
  • Texan hair. As seen on: Beyonce and Miley Cyrus. ...
  • Long layers. ...
  • The pixie cut. ...
  • Eyelash fringe. ...
  • The midi. ...
  • The butterfly cut.
Mar 16, 2024

What is the new hair color for 2024? ›

Toasted pecan red. “It's inevitable that red-browns will be a hit for cooler weather, especially into 2024,” says Richards. Last year birthed the rise of cherry-cola hair, while this coming year will give way to pecan-red hair — a richly saturated, highly glossy auburn (like a hot and gooey pecan pie).

What is the hair color trend in spring 2024? ›

Cunningham says that spring 2024 is prime time for a silver renaissance. “The silver trend has gained momentum ever since the pandemic and people were unable to color their roots and hair. While bronde and reds are showing up everywhere, silver is a trend you see popping up, too,” she says.

What is the updated bob for 2024? ›

Box Bob. Offering a more modern take on the most classic bob shape, the box bob is a box-shaped chop with blunt ends, clean lines, and little to no layers. Searches for the cut have also risen by 120% in the past year, according to data collected from Ripe Hair & Beauty, so expect to see more of them—and soon.


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