Best seats at the Dodger Stadium (2024)

When planning your visit to Dodger Stadium, you’re looking for the best seats that match your preferences for the game or event you’ll be attending.

This iconic venue, located in the Elysian Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, not only serves as the home field for the Los Angeles Dodgers but has also hosted a wide range of events, including World Series games, concerts by world-famous artists, and even the 1984 Summer Olympics baseball competition.

In this article we’ll walk you through all of the seating options available at the Dodger Stadium so that you can decide which is the best seats to suit your budget and preferences. We’ll even cover our pick of the best food and drink options available at the stadium.

History and Notable Events

Dodger Stadium, opened in 1962, is the third-oldest ballpark in Major League Baseball and has a rich history of notable events. It has hosted the World Series ten times and the MLB All-Star Game in 1980 and 2022.

Beyond baseball, it has been a venue for soccer, hockey, and concerts, featuring performances by The Beatles, Elton John, and the Rolling Stones, among others.

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Quick Advice

For the best view of the game, lower-level seats behind home plate and along the baselines are highly recommended. These seats provide close proximity to the field and allow you to catch every detail of the game.

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For comfort and additional amenities, club level seats offer a premium experience with access to exclusive dining options and in-seat waiter service.

If you’re seeking affordability without sacrificing a good view, upper-level seats provide a comprehensive view of the stadium at a lower cost.

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We’ll cover all of the levels and seating options in the following chapters as well as the best food and drink options at the Dodgers Stadium too.


Dodger Stadium accommodates all guests with a variety of parking and public transportation options, including the Dodger Stadium Express bus service.

Inside, escalators and elevators make it easy to access different levels of the stadium, ensuring that you can reach your seat with ease, regardless of its location.

Seating arrangement

When you visit Dodger Stadium, understanding how the sections are organized can help you easily locate your seats and navigate the venue.

The stadium’s unique section numbering system plays a crucial role in this process, distinguishing between different areas with a mix of even and odd numbers, as well as varying digit lengths.

Even and Odd Numbered Sections

At Dodger Stadium, the seating is divided with even-numbered sections extending down the 1st baseline and odd-numbered sections running down the 3rd baseline.

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This division starts right behind home plate, with sections numbered from 1 and 2, respectively, and increasing as they move outward. This setup helps in identifying the general location of a section, whether it’s closer to the left or right field.

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To aid in minimizing confusion, especially since some section numbers repeat across different levels, Dodger Stadium categorizes its levels with specific names, each hosting a distinct range of section numbers.

Field Level Seating

The Field Level, also referred to as the Field Box or Infield Box, features 1 or 2 digit section numbers. This area offers the closest view of the game, placing you right next to the action on the field.

The sections here provide an intimate experience of the game, making it easy for fans to catch every pitch and hit.

Loge Box Level

Moving up, the Second Level is known as the Loge Box, identified by 3-digit section numbers starting with “1” (e.g., 101, 102).

This level strikes a balance between proximity to the field and an elevated view, allowing fans to get a comprehensive perspective of the game while still feeling connected to the on-field action.

Club and Suite Level

The Club or Suite Level, designated by 3-digit section numbers beginning with “2” (e.g., 201, 202), offers a more luxurious experience. This level combines comfort with excellent sightlines, providing amenities that enhance the overall event experience.

Lower and Infield Reserve

The 4th level, known as the Lower Reserve or Infield Reserve, returns to 1 or 2 digit section numbers. Positioned further up, this level offers a bird’s-eye view of the stadium, allowing fans to take in the game from a higher vantage point.

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Top Deck and Reserve Sections

At the highest point of the stadium, the Top Deck (directly behind the plate) and Reserve sections (down the lines) maintain the 1 or 2 digit section numbering scheme.

These sections offer the most expansive views of Dodger Stadium, encompassing not only the game but the surrounding landscape of Los Angeles.

Outfield Pavilion Seating

Lastly, the Outfield Seating, known as the Pavilion sections, are marked with 3xx section numbers. These sections offer a unique game-watching experience, with views from behind the outfield and a chance to catch home run balls.

Field Level Seats

The Field Level at Dodger Stadium, encompassing the area from foul pole to foul pole, is a premier choice for fans seeking the closest possible proximity to the on-field action. This level’s allure isn’t just its location; the design caters to an enhanced fan experience with several unique features.

Ease of Access

A standout aspect of the Field Level is the smaller row size. Unlike the more sprawling rows found in other sections of the stadium, Field Level rows contain no more than 8 seats.

This thoughtful design significantly eases the process of moving in and out, making trips to the concourse for snacks, drinks, or restrooms far less disruptive. For fans, this means less time navigating crowds and more time enjoying the game.

Premium Seating Options

For those seeking an upscale experience, the Baseline Club sections, specifically rows 1-6 in sections 26-43, offer a luxurious viewing experience. These seats are not only extra-wide for additional comfort but also come with all-inclusive amenities that elevate the game-day experience.

In-seat wait service ensures that your focus remains on the game, while club lounge access provides a private retreat for dining and relaxation. The Baseline Club embodies the pinnacle of Field Level luxury, blending exceptional views with premium service.

Infield and Dugout Proximity

If the Baseline Club is beyond reach, there’s still plenty of premium viewing to be found. Sections 1-25, situated on the infield, boast excellent sightlines to home plate.

These seats offer a viewing experience akin to the highly coveted Dugout Club but are positioned slightly further back from the field. This slight remove does nothing to diminish their appeal, as they provide a superb balance of proximity and perspective.

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For fans eager to get as close as possible to their favorite players, selecting seats in the odd-numbered sections 15-27 is advisable. These sections are near the home dugout, affording an up-close view of the Dodgers as they prepare to take the field.

Similarly, visiting team supporters will find their needs well catered to in even-numbered sections 14-26, which are adjacent to the visiting dugout.

Considerations for Day Games

One consideration for Field Level seats, particularly during day games, is the exposure to the sun. Unlike some areas of Dodger Stadium that benefit from shade, many Field Level sections are fully exposed to sunlight throughout the game.

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Fans planning a daytime visit should prepare accordingly, with sunscreen and hats recommended to enhance comfort.

Loge Level

The Loge Level at Dodger Stadium is celebrated for providing some of the most compelling views within the ballpark, thanks to its positioning in the unique second seating tier that extends from foul pole to foul pole.

This level strikes an ideal balance between proximity to the field and an elevated vantage point, offering a diverse array of viewing experiences and sight lines.

Elevated Views

Positioned further above the field level, the Loge Level affords an expansive overview of the game. Unlike higher second-tier seating found in other stadiums, the Loge Level at Dodger Stadium maintains a closeness to the action that many fans appreciate.

This intermediate elevation ensures that you remain engaged with the game, capturing the nuances of each play without feeling distanced from the field.

Loge Box Seating Options

The Loge Level is segmented into various seating options, each offering a slightly different experience:

  • Loge Box: The standard option providing excellent views along the sidelines.
  • Infield Loge Box: Positioned closer to the pitcher’s mound and batter’s box, these seats are highly sought after for their superior sight lines.
  • Preferred Loge Box: Offers a more desirable location within the Loge Level, often providing a balance between cost and view.
  • Bullpen Loge Box: These seats give fans a unique perspective of the bullpen area, adding an extra layer of interest for those fascinated by the pitching game.

In addition to their descriptive names, some seats within these categories are labeled as “MVP” or “VIP,” with the VIP seats located in the lower rows and the MVP seats just behind them.

These designations are primarily about location, with both offering excellent views and a premium experience.

Advantage of Shade

An attractive feature of the Loge Level, especially for daytime games, is the potential for shade.

Thanks to the overhanging Club deck above, the back rows on this level can offer a reprieve from the sun, making these seats a cooler option during warmer months. We’ll have more on the best shaded seats later in this article.

Even vs. Odd Sections

The numbering of sections on the Loge Level follows a logical pattern, aiding in navigation. Sections 101 and 102 sit directly behind home plate, serving as a central point.

Best seats at the Dodger Stadium (8)

From this point, even-numbered sections extend down the first base line, while odd-numbered sections stretch down the third base line. This distinction helps fans quickly identify their seat location in relation to the field’s layout.

Pavilion Seats

The Pavilion Seats at Dodger Stadium offer a unique experience for baseball fans, combining affordable pricing with the excitement of being in prime territory for catching home run balls. These seats are especially appealing to those who enjoy the sunny ambiance of day games and are looking for a budget-friendly option.

Bleacher-Style Seating

Seating in the Pavilion sections is bleacher-style, featuring a single continuous bench in each row.

Unlike traditional bleachers, these benches are equipped with backs, providing a more comfortable experience by eliminating the need to lean forward throughout the game.

Best seats at the Dodger Stadium (9)

This setup allows fans to enjoy the game with a bit more comfort while still maintaining the communal atmosphere that bleacher seats are known for.

Home Run Seats and Amenities

Directly in front of the Pavilion sections are the coveted Home Run Seats, which come with exclusive amenities.

These seats put fans right in the action, offering one of the most thrilling experiences in the ballpark, especially during moments of high drama when home runs are hit into the pavilions.

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Left Field Pavilion (Spectrum Pavilion)

The Left Field Pavilion, also known as the Spectrum Pavilion, comprises odd-numbered sections 301 to 315, situated beyond the outfield wall in left field.

The closest section to the Dodgers bullpen is Section 301, giving fans a unique perspective of the pitchers warming up. The rows in these sections are lettered from A to V, providing a wide range of seating options.

Right Field Pavilion (Coca-Cola Pavilion)

On the opposite side, the Right Field Pavilion, or Coca-Cola Pavilion, includes even-numbered sections 302 to 316. These seats are located on the right field side, behind the outfield wall. Notably, being on the East side of the stadium, the Right Field Pavilion receives the most sunlight, making these seats the warmest in the venue. Similar to the left field, rows are lettered from A to V.

Reserve Level Seats

The Reserve Level at Dodger Stadium, known as the Blue Shield Reserve Level, represents the largest seating tier within the venue.

Its expansive layout, stretching from foul pole to foul pole, incorporates a diverse range of views and experiences, making it a versatile choice for fans.

Due to its sheer size, the Reserve Level is effectively divided into two distinct sub-levels: the Lower Reserve and the Value Reserve.

Each offers its own set of benefits and characteristics, from proximity to the field to potential for shade, impacting the overall viewing experience.

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Lower Reserve

The Lower Reserve sections are denoted by “LR” or “IR” following the section number, indicating their position lower in elevation compared to the rest of the Reserve Level.

Best seats at the Dodger Stadium (10)

The rows in these sections are single-lettered from A to V, with Row A closest to the front and Row V at the back. Entry to these sections is from the top, near Row V, allowing fans to descend towards their seats.

Best seats at the Dodger Stadium (11)

A unique aspect of the Lower Reserve is the designation of certain rows as “VIP” or “MVP,” highlighting their desirable location:

  • VIP Rows: Spanning from A to H, these rows offer some of the best sightlines and proximity within the Lower Reserve.
  • MVP Rows: Extending from J to V, providing a broad range of viewing experiences.
Best seats at the Dodger Stadium (12)

Sections 1-11, situated behind home plate, are considered the prime spots within the Lower Reserve, benefiting from unobstructed views and slightly less crowded conditions due to the absence of upper reserve sections directly above.

Value Reserve

Above the Lower Reserve is the Value Reserve, marked by sections with an “R” following the section number. Here, the rows are double-lettered, starting with Row AA closest to the front.

Best seats at the Dodger Stadium (13)

These sections are noted for being smaller, offering a more intimate viewing experience. Additionally, some of these sections provide shaded options, a welcome feature for day games under the California sun.

Best seats at the Dodger Stadium (14)

Fans seeking relief from the sun might specifically consider the last few rows of the Infield Reserved sections (1 through 11), which are shaded by the overhang of the Upper Deck sections above.

This can significantly enhance comfort during sunny and warm game days.

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Choosing Your Seats

When selecting seats within the Reserve Level, it’s important to consider the varied views offered by this expansive tier.

Comparing tickets and sections is crucial due to the significant differences in perspective, elevation, and potential for shade.

Best seats at the Dodger Stadium (15)

Whether prioritizing proximity to the field, a desire for shade, or the best possible view behind home plate, the Reserve Level’s diverse offerings can accommodate a wide range of preferences, ensuring a memorable game day experience at Dodger Stadium.

Top Deck seating and SRO

Dodger Stadium’s Top Deck and Standing Room Only areas offer unique experiences for fans, each with its own set of characteristics and appeal.

Best seats at the Dodger Stadium (16)

Whether you’re searching for an affordable way to enjoy a game or seeking the communal vibe of standing with fellow fans, these options are worth considering.

Top Deck

The Top Deck stands as the highest seating tier at Dodger Stadium, situated directly behind home plate. Despite offering some of the furthest views of the action on the field, the Top Deck attracts fans with its budget-friendly ticket prices and the distinct perspective it provides.

This vantage point allows for a panoramic view of the entire stadium, offering a comprehensive experience of the game’s atmosphere.

One of the trade-offs for the affordable pricing and elevated views is the Top Deck’s steep seating aisles, which can make navigation a bit more challenging compared to lower levels.

Additionally, this area is exposed to the Southern California sun, with limited opportunities for shade.

Fans hoping for some respite from the sunlight might find it in the last two rows, where a small roof above might offer some shade, though it’s largely dependent on the day’s weather and sun position.

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Standing Room Only

For high-demand games, Dodger Stadium releases Standing Room Only (SRO) tickets, providing an alternative for fans to access the stadium when traditional seating is sold out or scarce.

These tickets do not come with a reserved seat; instead, they grant you entry to the stadium and the ability to find a spot from which to watch the game on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Best seats at the Dodger Stadium (17)

The SRO areas present a different kind of game-day experience, emphasizing flexibility and social interaction.

Fans with SRO tickets can enjoy the game from various vantage points around the stadium, offering a dynamic way to experience Dodger baseball. This option is ideal for those who prioritize being part of the game-day atmosphere over having a fixed seat.

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Best Seats for Shade

Dodger Stadium, with its sunny California setting, often has fans looking for shaded seats to escape the direct sunlight during games.

The stadium’s unique orientation and design play a significant role in determining which areas are most likely to provide some respite from the sun, especially during the warm afternoon hours.

Stadium Orientation and Sun Exposure

The stadium’s orientation with home plate facing north-northeast means the sun rises over the right field wall and sets beyond the right field corner. This results in significant sun exposure for both the field and the stands throughout the day. As a result, the quest for shade becomes a critical consideration for fans attending day games.

For games starting at 1:10 p.m., the challenge of finding shade is greatest early on, as the sun is nearly directly overhead. Understanding the seating layout is key to finding more comfortable spots:

Loge Level

The Loge Level, or the 200-level seating, is a prime choice for those looking to avoid the sun. The back half of this level benefits from the architectural design of an overhang, providing shaded seating even when the sun is at its zenith.

Best seats at the Dodger Stadium (18)

Opting for seats in the back rows of the Loge Level ensures a higher chance of enjoying the game away from the direct sunlight.

Reserve Level

The Reserve Level, the stadium’s upper deck, offers similar relief, especially in the back rows.

Best seats at the Dodger Stadium (19)

The presence of an overhang above these sections means that seats higher up are more likely to remain in the shade, making them a cooler option for fans during sunny day games.

Field Level

For those who prefer being closer to the action on the Field Level, choosing seats wisely can also lead to shaded comfort. Specifically, odd-numbered sections FD 13-31, which are located further back in the section, might escape direct sunlight for a significant portion of the game. This area provides a balance between proximity to the field and potential relief from the sun.

Best seats at the Dodger Stadium (20)

Evening Games

As evening approaches and for games with later start times, the entire stadium gradually shifts into the shade, offering a reprieve from the sun’s rays. However, for the occasional early evening game starting at 6:10 p.m., the sun’s position still affects certain areas:

Best seats at the Dodger Stadium (21)

  • Most seats on the third base side, including those at Field Level, quickly fall into shade as the game progresses, offering a comfortable viewing experience from the start.
  • Conversely, fans seated along the first baseline and in right field stands may face the sun for the initial innings until it sets behind the stadium.

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Best seats for families

Dodger Stadium offers a variety of seating options that cater to families looking for a comfortable and enjoyable game day experience.

While the stadium might not have as many kid-themed areas as some of the newer ballparks, there are still plenty of amenities and strategically located seats that make it a great destination for families.

Lower Reserve Level

The Lower Reserve level is notable for its proximity to family-friendly amenities, including a playground area just outside Lower Reserve Section 31. This playground features life-sized bobblehead figures, providing a fun distraction for children.

Best seats at the Dodger Stadium (22)

Although these sections offer no overhead protection from the sun, their east-facing orientation means the sun moves to your back sooner, offering a bit of relief during sunny games.

The seating in the Lower Reserve feels high and somewhat steep, but choosing rows P-V can minimize the number of stairs you’ll need to navigate, making it easier for families with small children or those who prefer less stair climbing.

Loge Level

The Loge Level presents two excellent options for families, differentiated by their location and the amenities they offer.

Best seats at the Dodger Stadium (23)

Sections 137 through 153, located down the third base line, are perfect for families looking to stay lower in the ballpark without sacrificing a good view of the game.

This side benefits from getting shade sooner thanks to the stadium’s orientation, and the smaller seating rows mean easier access to and from seats.

Best seats at the Dodger Stadium (24)

Near these sections, families will find a family restroom, a merchandise shop for Dodgers gear, and a variety of concession options, enhancing the game day experience without having to venture far from your seats.

First Base Side of the Loge Level

Even-numbered sections 128-136, near the visitors’ dugout, also cater well to family groups. While this side receives more sunlight, seats in rows N and higher are covered by the deck above, providing some shade and protection.

Best seats at the Dodger Stadium (25)

These sections offer great views of the field and are conveniently located near a Healthy Cart and Gluten Free concession stand, ensuring that dietary needs or preferences can be easily accommodated.

Best seats at the Dodger Stadium (26)

Nearby restroom facilities, including a family restroom a short walk down the right field line, make this area practical for families with young children.

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Food and Drink Options

Dodger Stadium offers a variety of food and drink options across its various sections, catering to a wide range of tastes and preferences. Here’s what you can expect in different parts of the stadium:

Centerfield Plaza

In the Centerfield Plaza, attendees have several choices. The Mastercard Food Truck, located here, serves up grilled Dodger Dogs along with an assortment of snacks for those looking for quick bites.

Shake Shack, a well-known burger chain from New York City, offers its full menu, including Shack burgers, smoke shacks, Shroom burgers, cheese fries, and shakes.

Best seats at the Dodger Stadium (27)

For snacks like chips, peanuts, Cracker Jacks, Red Vines, and more, Eats and Drinks is the go-to spot. LA Taqueria provides a taste of Mexican cuisine with items such as sopes al pastor, potato taquitos, and carne asada taco plates.

Pavilion Sections

In the Right Field Pavilion, Jeff’s Kosher offers kosher hot dogs and barbecue beef sandwiches, suitable for those following kosher dietary laws.

Over in the Left Field Pavilion, Dueling Dogs features grilled Dodger Dogs, extreme bacon-wrapped dogs, plant-based dogs, and a rotating hot dog special that changes based on the visiting team.

Field Level

The Field Level of the stadium is home to a variety of stands:

  • LA Cheesesteak at Section 8 presents beef cheesesteaks with Cheez Whiz, chicken cheesesteaks with provolone cheese sauce, and mushroom sandwiches.
  • For traditional Dodger Dogs, Super Dodger Dogs, and more, Dodger Dog Traditional at Section 9 is available.
  • Sweet Chick, located at Section 10, is known for its chicken tenders, OG chicken sandwiches, and Nashville hot chicken sandwiches.
  • Elysian Park Grill, found in Sections 22 and 23, serves grilled Dodger dogs, chicken tenders with fries, and garlic fries in a helmet.
  • At Section 45, LA Grille offers Mediterranean options like chicken kebab helmet bowls and Greek fries.
  • Dunkin’ at Section 46 provides doughnuts and coffee.
  • For those seeking spicy options, Flamin’ Hot Corner at Section 47 has Flamin’ Buffalo chicken tenders and hotlink corn dogs with Hot Cheetos dust.
  • CPK at Section 48 and Think Blue BBQ at Section 51 offer pizza and barbecue dishes, respectively.
  • Hornitos Cantina at Section 52 features carne asada nacho helmets and cheese quesadillas.

Loge Level

Best seats at the Dodger Stadium (28)
  • LA Taqueria at Section 6 and CPK at Section 30 serve Mexican dishes and pizzas.
  • Sweet Spot at Section 36 offers dessert options like yogurt churro sundae helmets.
  • Dodger Deli at Section 37 has Dodger Dogs and chicken pesto paninis.
  • Dodger Dog Express at Sections 40 and 41 and Dodger Dog Traditional at Section 57 provide classic Dodger Dogs and snacks.
  • Craft Corner at Section 63 and King’s Hawaiian at Section 64 offer pretzels, nachos, and Hawaiian-inspired sliders.

Reserve Level

Best seats at the Dodger Stadium (29)
  • Jinro at Section 5 and Chicken Bites at Section 12 cater to fans with options like Super Dodger Dogs and chicken bites.
  • LA Taqueria at Section 17 and Fan Fare at Section 31 offer grilled Dodger Dogs and grilled chicken sandwiches.
  • King’s Hawaiian at Section 32 and CPK at Section 3 continue with Hawaiian favorites and pizzas.
  • Trolley Treats at Section 2 and Dodger Dog Express at Sections 6 and 7 provide sweets and classic Dodger Dogs.

Top Deck

For those at the Top Deck, Top Deck Dogs at Section 5 and Elysian Park Grill at Section 4 offer a selection of Dodger Dogs, chicken tenders, and fries, ensuring fans have access to traditional ballpark tastes.

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Best seats at the Dodger Stadium (2024)


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