Chapter 1/Walkthrough (2024)

This page details a guide to completing the two available endings in Chapter 1 of Cheese Escape.


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Main ending[]

To complete the main ending, the player must collect all 9 cheeses scattered around the Cheese Maze. The player's cheese will save even if the rat kills them.

Chapter 1/Walkthrough (1)

One of the cheeses can be found near the second Safe Zone exit, past the 30-cheese-click door. The player must go straight, and then turn right into a dead end, which has a piece of cheese on a table.

Chapter 1/Walkthrough (2)

One of the cheeses can be found next to the Green Key and just before a set of stairs. The player must leave the first Safe Zone exit and go straight down the first hallway, then turn left at the first available turn, and then another left and continue down the hall. Then turn right around the wall and go straight down the passage to find the piece of cheese on the table. The player should also pick up the Green Key to use for the Green door.

Chapter 1/Walkthrough (3)

One of the cheeses can be found straight after the previous cheese, by going up the stairs into the stone hallway, and turning right before the large hole. The piece of cheese will be on a table at the end of the room.

Chapter 1/Walkthrough (4)

One of the cheeses can be found by dropping down the hole in the stone hallway, and turning right around the wall into a small doorway. The piece of cheese will be on a table in the small crevice.

Chapter 1/Walkthrough (5)

One of the cheeses can be found by dropping down the hole in the stone hallway, and turning right and moving straight down the first hallway and entering the Green door. After entering the passcode 3842, the player must go straight (towards the music) and pick up the Red Key (and Bloxy Cola if they wish) first, and then pick up the piece of cheese on the table. This will teleport them to a broken bridge above the maze.

Chapter 1/Walkthrough (6)

One of the cheeses can be found by first leaving the first Safe Zone exit and going straight down the first hallway, then turning left at the first available turn, and then right and continuing down the hall until they find a piece of cheese on a table in a small crevice.

Chapter 1/Walkthrough (7)

One of the cheeses can be found by going back to the unknown room through the Green door. The player must walk through the glowing white door on the right hand side of the table and completing the parkour in the parkour room. The piece of cheese will be on a table at the end of the viewing balcony above the glowing white door.

Chapter 1/Walkthrough (8)

One of the cheeses can be found by first going to the Red door and using the Red Key to pick up the board. The player must leave the Safe Zone via the second exit, turn right and then turn left. They should see the Button Door on their way, and then turn left and then right to see the Red door. Once the player has picked up the board, they should find their way back to the Green door (below the stone hallway). It is encouraged to go back to the Safe Zone and follow the same tutorial used for finding the second and fifth cheeses to find the Green door.

Once the player has gone in the Green door and passed through the glowing white doors in the unknown and parkour rooms, they will be teleported to the place above the maze with the broken bridge. The player can hold out the board to place it down, and then walk across it to take the Blue Key. The player can then fall down the bridge and turn left twice to find the Safe Zone.

The player must then find the stone hallway once again (following the second cheese tutorial), and going through the doorway on the right, where the third cheese was. The player can now use the Blue Key to open the Blue door. The penultimate piece of cheese will be on a table next to the green button.

Chapter 1/Walkthrough (9)

One of the cheeses can then be found by clicking the button, and finding the Button Door. Clicking the button will start a 30-second countdown however, so the player must move quickly or they will have to press the button again (the player has infinitely many tries to click the button and find the Button Door). The player must drop down the hole and turn right, then right, then left, then right, and left into a small crevice, in front of the Red door. Going through the doorway into the crevice and going straight will take the player to the Button Door. The player must enter the Button Door and claim the piece of cheese on the table before the door shuts. The player can then either exit the door and turn right and go straight until they find the second Safe Zone exit, or wait for the door to close, and a glowing white hole will appear, which the player can enter to be taken back to the beginning of the maze.

Chapter 1/Walkthrough (10)

To exit the maze, the player must find the Finish door by exiting the first Safe Zone exit and turning right and then immediately left and going down that hallway. Then you must find your way towards the exit (hard to describe), which is right next to a crevice that has two small doorways where the rat cannot catch you. If the player dies, their cheese will save and the door will stay open. They will also lose their keys but they will not be necessary to finish the game after all 9 cheeses have been collected.


  • The player can hide in small crevices since the rat cannot fit in them. However, some crevices have alternate routes that the rat can follow to get to them, so it is advised to not stay in crevices that have open areas for too long.
  • Taking some time to memorise the maze can help with repeated pathways, such as finding the stone hallway multiple times in one run, or knowing where the Safe Zone is located.
  • Definitely have sound on to hear if the rat is nearby.
  • The player can refer to this map (click for full-screen) if needed.
    Chapter 1/Walkthrough (11)

Secret ending[]


To complete the secret ending, the player must have first completed the main ending.

Step-1: The White Key | To get the white key, get all 9 cheeses (locations described in the previous walkthrough) and leave via the exit. This will open a door in the spawnroom, holding a white doorway to Chapter-2, two doors blocked of with Diamond Plate, and the white key on a table. This is the 2nd easiest to get.

Step-2: The Green Key | To get the Green Key, leave spawn through the gap directly in front of the large door, and go (immediately after passing the safe zone barrier): Right, Left, Left, Left, Right, Right. It will be on the floor next to some truss blocks and a table holding some cheese.

Step-3: The Green Door | To pass through the green door, climb the truss blocks, go forward until you find a pit with some wire trailing down it, then after falling down it go right and you'll find the green door on your left. Hold your Green Key and open it.

Step-4: The Unknown Room / Yellow Key | Upon entering the white light within the Green Door, you'll be locked in first person and slowed. There will be a keypad, and while its code will be displayed as 4 digits jumbled on the wall, it is: 3842. This will open a Diamond Plate door into a hallway, then a large room with lamps. Upon entering this room, hug the left wall until you see a truss. Climb it, and you'll see a white door. Open it with your White Key, and go down to get the Yellow Key on the table. Backtrack down the truss, and go forward around the wall, and you'll see a table. Grab the Red Key (optional) and cheese.

Step4.1: Blue Key / Red Door (Optional) | Leave the safe zone via the gap near the Yellow Door, and hug the right wall. You will see the red door and inside it is the plank, grab it. Upon grabbing this plank, continue hugging the right to the Green Door and redo the Unknown Room (not the Yellow Key). Place the plank down across the gap and grab the Blue Key.

Step-5: The Vents / Grey Maze | Upon grabbing the cheese, fall down the gap you've been teleported to, turn around, turn right then left, and enter the safe zone. Go to the opposite side of it and open the Yellow Door. This leads you to a white light and into the vents. The goal of the vents is to avoid the Grey Maze Rat, which is identical to the Rat but with Neon Red eyes and teleports players into the safe zone, while pushing 6 green buttons to turn them red. Due to the nature of the Grey Maze, it is difficult to find many of them, or describe their locations, as it is easy to become misdirected even when following a guide. There are, however, 1 button close to spawn, on the left; 1 button close to spawn, on the right; 2 buttons close to the Grey Key, on the right; 1 button close to the Grey Key, on the left; and 1 button slightly closer to the Grey Key than spawn, on the left. On the right, there is a large gap between the button close to spawn whereas the other 2 are a wall or two away, whereas on the left they're roughly the same distance apart. Upon pushing all 6 buttons, grab the Grey Key in the far middle, and either return to spawn via the white light or let the Grey Maze Rat "kill" you.

Step-6: Grey Room / Map | Redo the passage to the Green Key, climb the trusses, and open the Grey Door to the left. You will see a map of the area, detaling the Exit, Start, Electrical Door, Stairs (the trusses), and "???". Climb to map to guarantee that the game spawns "???" for you. You will also see a Purple Door in that room.

Step-7: The Purple Key | Go to the trusses near the Green Key, and go: Left, Left, Left, Right, Right, Left, and touch the "?" on the wall, painted in Red. This will teleport you to a room with a stationary rat and the Purple Key on a table, grab the Purple Key and head to the exit, on your left. This teleports you back to the spawnroom,

Step-8: The Purple Door / ":)" | Return to the Grey Door, and open the door on its left side. Enter this room, push the button, and return to spawn to grab the Red Cheese shown in a cutscene, you no longer need any items upon completion of this step.

Step-9: The Red Cheese | The Red Cheese is an item you feed to the Rat in order to be teleported to Space, an obby with lowered gravity and can be acquired through entering the door between the White Key and Chapter-2. To feed the rat it, let the Rat catch you while you are holding it.

Step-10: Space | Space is an obby with lowered gravity, it is relatively easy to beat and the main thing of notice is the large, neon white passage to a room with a 2-way window into spawn. This room is also shown via the obby in the Unknown Room's sealed door. To beat the obby, simply jump from near the edge of one platform to the next.

Step-11:??? | "???" is a hallway/experience located next to spawn with two entrances: The passage you enter after Space, or through a door next to the White Key. This has a red carpet, and four "ready up" circles to the boss arena. To complete this area, simply walk forward into a circle.

Step-12: The Boss | The boss is the rat with HP scaling with the amount of players. To beat it, walk into shiny, large cheese wedges until it loses all of its HP. It has several attacks, those being: Spin, Cheese Rain, Wedge Spin, and Pound. Spin is the most deadly as it can only be evaded if the rat uses another attack while you're being chased, Spin can also be referred to as "Contact Damage", as the rat chases you throughout. Wedge Spin is the 3rd most deadly, sending cheese wedges flying around the rat, dealing damage and knocking over players. Cheese Rain is the least deadly, being a series of slow wedges falling to the ground where you're standing. Pound is the 2nd most deadly, the rat jumping a dealing circle in a wave unless the players jump over it. To win, ensure that there is enough distance between you and the rat, try stay near max HP with hearts dropped by the rat, and run into the wedges. While evading, spam jump to go slightly faster.

Step-12: Pedestal | Upon the rat's death, a pedestal sprouts from the ground, with a glowing orb upon it. Enter the glowing orb for a message and you complete the Secret Ending! This can be considered the good ending as defeat the rat, although the rat is still alive in Chapter 2.



Chapter 1/Walkthrough (2024)


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