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Welcome to the Race Day Feed, coming to you from RedBud MX in Buchanan, Michigan.From practice reports to the blow-by-blow from this afternoon’s points-paying motos, you’ll find it all right here on the Racer XRace Day Feed. Updates are posted in chronological order, so be sure to scroll down for the latest info. For even more updates be sure to follow us on Twitter,@Racerxonline.

RedBuuuuuuuuuuuud! Good morning race fans! Coming to you live from a cloudy morning at RedBud MX in Buchanan, Michigan, as we are set for round six of the AMA Pro Motocross Championship.

We are expecting a high of about 87 degrees Fahrenheit with humidity around 70 percent and after two rainstorms on Friday, we are not expecting any rain today.

In terms of the championship, Haiden Deegan has a commanding lead in the 250 Class. Deegan has won four out of the first five overall wins and his last two races have been the most impressive. Charging through the field at High Point Raceway proved he can do that. Check. Taking a moto win and the overall win at one of the most difficult tracks, The Wick 338, proved he can ride damn good in the sand, too. Check. Watch out, rest of the 250 field. A win for the #38 machine today is not guaranteed, but Deegan has proved he is the top of the field right now. it is up to the rest of the 250 Class to put up a fight against him. Deegan earned his first overall win here last year and you know how wild this place is going to get today. Imagine how crazy this place would be if he wins this thing again today. Deegan has had an incredible start to this championship, but do not count out Tom Vialle, Chance Hymas, Levi Kitchen, Jo Shimoda, Ty Masterpool, and Max Anstie (or even another rider with a possible break out ride coming today).

One new rider to note today is Hamden Hudson, who raced the Scouting Moto Combine on Friday then decided to get signed up and make his pro debut today! Hudson is usually #88 in the amateur scene but is #642 today.

In the premier class, Jett Lawrence’s mid-week crash and injury changes this championship outlook. One of the top dogs is now out. The defending champion, Mr. 22-0 will be watching from the sidelines today. So, who steps up? Hunter Lawrence leads Chase Sexton by three slim points and another spot on the podium is now up for grabs. Who claims it?

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View the full race day schedule and check out the TV broadcast/streaming schedule below.

Qualifying will start at 8 a.m. local time (Eastern).

250 Class

Ty Masterpool topped the first 250 Class qualifying session with a 2:11.792, being the only rider to go under 2:12. Casey Cochran (2:12.023) and Haiden Deegan (2:12.182) were closest and Deegan was on top of the board for the first few laps.

450 Class

Chase Sexton topped the first 450 Class qualifying session with a 2:06.819. Justin Cooper (2:07.635) and Hunter Lawrence (2:07.781) were the only two other riders under 2:08 as Kyle Webster (2:08.907) was fourth and Jason Anderson (2:09.558) was fifth. Fredrik Noren cased LaRocco's Leap and blew out some spokes on his rear wheel in the process. He got up and appeared to be okay, although he was not able to finish the session.

250 Class

In the second 250 group A qualifying session, Haiden Deegan was leading the session with a 2:09.774 until Ty Masterpool, Chance Hymas, and Tom Vialle managed to beat out the #38 machine. Hymas put down a 2:10.119 on the fourth lap, then a 2:09.295 on the final lap as Masterpool put in a 2:09.296. But Vialle snagged the top spot after a 2:09.229 on his final lap, giving the #16 the top overall spot on the day.

450 Class

The second 450 Class group A qualifying session saw Chase Sexton drop a blazing 2:04.902. Sexton has this track dialed. Justin Cooper’s 2:06.206 was second fastest in the session, barely edging out a 2:06.252 from championship leader Hunter Lawrence. Garrett Marchbanks had a hard swap and slam going up the face of LaRocco's Leap on the final lap of the session. He was able to get back up under his own power, with a watchful eye from the Alpinestars medical crew. Marchbanks got back on his Yamaha YZ450F and rode off. Note, Dean Wilson qualified 38th overall and will be racing the LCQ coming up shortly.

We should be set for some exciting motos here today. The weather has been perfect so far with a mix of sun and clouds and a nice breeze, which is a nice welcome from the typical straight hot and humid days we have seen the last few years.

Our man Steve Matthes posted that Dean Wilson is out for the remainder of the day, as he will not be racing the LCQ race or the motos.

250 Class

The gates dropped on the first points-paying moto of the day and it was Ty Masterpool, Tom Vialle, Chance Hymas, and Haiden Deegan out in ront of the field through the first three turns. Hymas got into the race lead as they shuffled around the track. Vialle went down a few laps in, dropping to fourth. Then, Masterpool got into the race lead as Deegan put in a charge. The #38 charged up to Masterpool. Masterpool had a little bit of breathing room as he took the white flag but suddenly Deegan was all over him with about half a track to go! It was a sprint to the finjshb of who could scrub the jumps harder and gain any slight advantage while nailing their turns. Masterpool held on for the race by just mojust 0.37 seconds! Down to the wire with Deegan all over him and Masterpool held strong! An epic battle that set the town for today's racing.

450 Class

Hunter Lawrence got the holeshot in the first 450 Class moto of the day, as the #96 machine was trailed by Aaron Plessinger, Grant Harlan, Justin Cooper, and Chase Sexton. Sexton was gianing on Plessinger, with Cooper a few seconds back. The top four started to separate themselves as Jason Anderson ran a lone fifth. Malcolm Stewart and Garrett Marchbanks made their way into sixth and seventh, respectively. Sexton got around Plessinger and then it was two out of the top three in the standings (sans Jett Lawrence) battling. This is exactly what everyone wanted (and expected) to see. Lawrence fought off Sexton's initial charge as Cooper caught and passed Plessinger behind them. With two laps to go, Lawrence made a mistake and went down while navigating the tricky track and lots of lappers. This handed the lewd to Sexton, who took off and took the race win. After Cooper made a pass on Plessinger, he was all over Lawrence when the #96 machine got going again. Lawrence held on for second place ahead of Cooper.Plessinger and Anderson came through fourth and fifth, respectively.

250 Class

The second 250 Class moto began and it was Chance Hymas with the holeshot over Ryder DiFrancesco and Jo Shimoda. Shimoda made a move into second as Ty Masterpool was about fourth and Tom Vialle and Haiden Deegan were in the back half of the top ten. Hymas got out to a five-second lead out front.Then his gap grew to eight seconds. Masterpool moved around his teammate Levi Kitchen as DiFrancesco was shuffled back to fifth. Vialle made a nice outside pass on Jalek Swoll to take over sixth but Haiden Deegan could not get around Swoll for a handful of laps. As Ville got passed DiFrancesco, Deegan got passed Swoll, meaning Deegan had DiFrancesco in front of him next. Deegan made quick work of DiFrancesco but Vialle had a a nice gap by then. Vialle passed Masterpool then Deegan crashed onto a downed lapper on the tabletop in the middle of the front section of the track. Deegan got up and did not lose any positions in what could have been a horrible crash. Hymas was under pressure late from his teammate Shimoda but he held on for the race win, which gave him his maiden overall Pro Motocross race win! Hymas finished 4-1 over Masterpool's 1-5 and Shimoda's 5-2.

450 Class

The final moto began, and it was Jason Anderson and visitor Kyle Webster out front. Anderson led the first two laps before Chase Sexton jumped up to the race lead! Sexton was uncontested out front, winning by over 20 seconds over his teammate Aaron Plessinger. Anderson came through third, tying his his best moto finish of the season so far, as Lawrence came though fourth. Dylan Ferrandis rounded out the top five. Sexton's 1-1 day gave him the overall win and the points lead.

Live Written Updates & Results From 2024 RedBud National - Racer X (2024)


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