24 Hours With Becky G At Fashion Week: Braids, Bows and Three Bold Looks (2024)

Long hours clocked in the hair and makeup chair ahead of early morning call times. Long afternoons spent hustling uptown, downtown, and back again from show to show on the runway circuit. And still longer nights spent sipping and mingling through an endless lineup of dinners, parties, and pop-ups. As those privy to the inner workings of the style world know, such a jam-packed schedule always means one thing: It’s fashion week.

“Fashion Weeks are always such a thrill!” Becky G tells Vogue from inside her hotel suite, perched high above the Manhattan skyline. It’s early morning and the multifaceted musician is preparing for a busy day attending the runway shows in New York—and lucky for us, we got a behind-the-scenes peek. Spoiler alert: The pop star pulled off three separate looks in less than 24 hours, including multiple hairstyles curated by TRESemmé.

“My style has always been a reflection of who I am, and my hair is another extension for showcasing my identity,” she says. “Trying new styles is not just about aesthetics; it's about embracing your roots, while also discovering something new about yourself. And hey, there's nothing wrong with a little hair adventure.”

Topping Becky’s list of must-haves for the day is, of course, caffeine, a team of trusted style and beauty experts, and TRESemmé’s new Keratin Smooth Weightless Collection. “This collaboration goes beyond just looking good,” she says. “It's a team effort to show the world how our hair can be a powerful way of showcasing ourselves authentically, and unapologetically.”

Drawing inspiration from recent trends popping up on the runway, Becky G and TRESemmé hair stylist Justine Marjan collaborated on a series of looks for the day. A futuristic vibe set the tone for her first show of the day, with an outfit that combined different textures and tones, and a sleek half-up hairstyle with dual front face-framing pieces.

An important first step to this and any hairstyle, however, was heat protection. On Becky G, Marjan used TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Weightless Fortifying Heat Protection Spray, which protects strands against heat damage up to 450 degrees, while also helping tame frizz and reduce breakage.

Next up: Fiery hues, faux fur and lots of dimension take center stage in a bold second look for attendance of The Blonds show. A look that the pop star says pushed her out of her comfort zone, largely in part because of the Cowboy Copper-hued wig——a color Becky G notes that “everyone is talking about” right now. “It’s giving ‘Lola’” she says, playfully naming the wig.

“I love that Justine and I were able to work in such an adventurous look,” she says, adding that “partnering with TRESemmé feels so natural because we both prioritize self-expression, especially when it comes to hair.” For an instantly shiny finish, Marjan sprayed the faux strands (which are actually made using real human hair) with TRESemmé’s New Keratin Smooth Weightless Silky Shine Spray, which Becky G says has also become one of her personal favorites. “It makes my hair so shiny and glossy!” Marjan’s usage of the product on Lola is a testament to its potency and power: it’s just as effective at boosting shine and taming frizz when used on a wig, so no matter what your hair-wear preference, TRESemmé has you covered.

While TRESemmé’s beloved Keratin Smooth collection has been a salon and stylist staple for the past decade, the line’s latest evolution has been updated to more effectively—and weightlessly—tackle top hair concerns. Namely, controlling frizz, boosting shine, and protecting against heat styling, all without weighing down strands. Another favorite product of celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan is the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Weightless Silk Serum, which she says has been a go-to product of hers for years because it softens strands, adds shine and makes the hair really easy to braid.

The latter was especially important for Becky G’s final hair moment of the day for attendance of the Christian Cowan show—a look the singer describes as channeling “unserious beauty.” Inspired by authenticity in self-expression, the idea is all about challenging conventional norms around beauty standards and ideals. “If you know me, you know how important this is to me,” Becky says. “I’m not one to conform, so I can really get down with this Unserious Beauty mentality.”

Such inspiration manifested into a show stopping double-braided hair style featuring bold red intertwined throughout—a look that turned out to be both playfully on trend and personally meaningful. “I used to dance ballet folklorico, traditional Mexican folk dancing,” she explains.“I would go with my grandma and she would braid ribbons, similar to what you [Marjan] did, into my braids.” Marjan finished the fun look with TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Weightless Silky Shine Spray to give it a beautiful, mirror-like reflection.

24 Hours With Becky G At Fashion Week: Braids, Bows and Three Bold Looks (2024)


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